Adoption Procedures & Disclaimer

This section is devoted to finding all of the animals we care for loving and permanent new homes. If you are thinking of taking on a new pet please consider adopting one of our rescued animals. We have a number of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and even rabbits that are looking for loving new homes.

If you are serious about looking for a new companion to share your life and home, please take a moment to read through our procedures and re-homing disclaimer. QAWS’s main priority is to the animals.


The adoption of a rescue animal should always be given careful and thorough consideration and should not be undertaken lightly – pet ownership is a huge responsibility and is a long-term commitment.

The majority of our pets for re-homing have come from unknown backgrounds, some have been abused, suffered injury or malnutrition, many of them have no history and as such we cannot make any guarantees regarding the pets.

Each of our animals is an individual character and most settle easily into their new home. With an experienced team consisting of qualified dog trainers and animal behaviourists, we make assessments, offer rehabilitation and offer as much information about each animal we re-home as possible.

Each animal should be discussed individually with prospective owners, therefore, an appointment is made with any potential new owner.

We owe it to the animals in our care to ensure that only the right home and the right owner is found for their individual needs. Obviously, with our younger puppies and kittens, the rules are more general but the adoption policy regarding care and commitment remains the same.

Full support and guidance are always on offer to our new owners and it is our policy to follow up on new owners and their pets on a regular basis. We actively encourage people to return to the shelter for a visit, a walk or just to say Hello!! We also visit new ‘families’ in their own homes.

Adoption Requirements

Please remember that our first priority is the well-being of the animal we are re-homing. We do not wish to appear difficult but from experience, we know that certain requirements are necessary.

We like nothing more than to wave goodbye to our new found ‘families’ but have a duty of care and responsibility before reaching that stage:


  • Vetting of potential owners and premises may be required
  • No pets will be re-homed to anyone under the age of 18 years old
  • Full contact details and residential address must be given
  • A period of 24 hours will be required as a ‘consideration time’ for all new owners

We will request that if an animal is chosen, all re-homing requirements are satisfied and owners deemed compatible can return no earlier than in 24 hours to collect their new family member. This will ensure that both the owner and home is ready for their arrival and that no animal is re-homed ‘on a whim’.

All new owners will be required to have their animal neutered. When possible our animals are neutered prior to re-homing but with puppies and kittens, they may be too young when they leave us. It is a requirement that new owners commit to having this operation carried out when the animal matures. Follow up on this with local vets will be ensured.

If during a follow-up visit it is found that the pet is suffering or there is evidence that proper care and consideration is not being offered to the animal, we reserve the right to remove the animal from the home immediately.

If in extreme circumstances, a re-homed pet can no longer stay with the adopted persons we will endeavour to take the animal back into our care. Each case will be assessed individually.

Health records and vaccination records will be provided with each animal re-homed but the shelter cannot guarantee future health or be held responsible for any health issues that arise once the animal is taken into the care of the new owner.

The adopting party will be expected to make an adoption payment or donation.


Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) would like to advise all potential pet owners that we cannot accept any responsibility for any injury, accident, loss or damage associated with an animal taken for re-homing from the shelter.

Our policies are strict and our guidance, advice and support should be adhered to at all times.

An adoption contract will be required between the shelter and all new owners.