Sponsorship opportunities

Become a sponsor and be an animals best friend!!

Our ultimate goal for every animal that comes into QAWS is to find them find a new forever home with a loving family.  

While they are waiting for that new place to call home, they will be looked after at QAWS in a safe and secure environment that ensures they are kept happy and healthy. This where you can help.

Kennel / Cat Condo Sponsorship

  • For QR50 per month, you can sponsor an animal at QAWS; your sponsorship will assist by covering the cost of maintaining 1 dog kennel or cat condo on an annual basis. This fee covers the cost of providing such items for an animal as food, bedding, litter, food and water bowls, toys and treats, medical treatment and ensures the general well-being of the animal who lives in the kennel or condo. Because you’ll be sponsoring not just one animal but an entire dog kennel or cat condo, the programme allows a sponsor to make a difference in not just a single animal’s life, but all the animals who might pass through your sponsored kennel or condo.
  • Every month you’ll be making a difference in the animal’s life who calls that kennel or condo home.

Virtual Pet Adoption

  • Love to have a pet but circumstances won’t let you?
  • Pick your favourite QAWS pet and “virtually adopt” them for the year!
  • For QR500 you can pay for the food and medical bills for your favourite pet and get a certificate to show to all your friends!
  • This is the perfect gift for those people who really do have everything; money CAN buy love, VIRTUALLY ADOPT!

Please contact us to discuss sponsorship or to arrange a meeting.

Our involvement with QAWS includes sponsoring two kennels and walking the dogs each weekend. We get far more out of it than we put in, both as animal lovers and as a family who enjoys spending time together. We highly recommend it!

-Nikki, John Sam, New Zealanders - Kennel Sponsors