Qatar Animal Welfare Societies’ (QAWS’) policies are for strict guidance and should be adhered to at all times.

Rescue Policy

Qatar Animal Welfare Society will be a non-profit making charity and as such we will have a rescue policy.

  • We will endeavour to the best of our ability to help any animal that needs us.
  • Anyone who has, sees or knows of an animal that needs rescue can contact us. Where necessary we are prepared to collect the animal.
  • We will not be in a position to remove animals from their rightful owners regardless of the circumstances, we will always offer advice and support and help wherever we can.
  • We will offer shelter facilities to cats and dogs – space permitting.
  • We will offer veterinary care to all rescue cases.
  • We will neuter all animals in our care – situation and age permitting.
  • We will vaccinate all animals in our care.
  • We will work with and liaise with other organisations and people involved in animal welfare.
  • We will set up a lost and found database.
  • We will work with local vets to offer a microchip facility if possible.
  • When an ex-patriate owner is leaving Qatar and cannot take their pet with them, we will offer every assistance possible to them.
  • We would expect and encourage all responsible pet owners to try to re-home the animal prior to leaving as part of their responsibility to the pet they own. Existing owners requesting an animal be taken into the shelter will be treated on a case by case basis.
  • As responsible carers and only if it is proven to be the best interest of the animal, we may sometimes have to take the decision to euthanase after consulting with a veterinary surgeon. Obviously, this decision will only be taken in extreme circumstances and a qualified veterinary surgeon will be called upon to carry out the procedure.

Health & Safety Policy

Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) has a responsibility to all parties concerned when working in the animal rescue field.

  1. To Staff – Employed or Voluntary

    All staff will be given training from working in a kennel environment to collecting animals from the streets and public.

    When dealing with aggressive animals our first concern will be for the safety of the humans, no undue risk will be taken in any circumstances.

    Regulation equipment will be used and any staff authorised to use the equipment will receive full training.

    This will apply to any volunteers who will be hands-on with the animals, strict kennel rules will apply and must be adhered to at all times.

  2. To the Public
    QAWS shelter will post rules and guidelines on the premises and anyone visiting the shelter must take responsibility for reading and adhere to them.

    When assistance is requested from the public we will assess the situation on arrival and act accordingly.