Lost/Missing Pet

What should you do?

Please contact us as soon as you are aware that you have lost your dog or cat. 

You can either email or send us a Facebook private message with the following details:

  • Your name, address and a contact number;
  • If the pet has any form of identification, such as microchipped and registered, collar or tag;
  • If the pet has any distinctive markings;
  • The breed of the pet, colour, age and sex;
  • Also, when and where your pet went missing;
  • Please attach a JPEG photograph!

Other things you can do?

  • Make posters and flyers using a copy of a photograph of your missing pet and ask shop owners etc. to put them up in their windows.
  • Post a picture up on the various Facebook groups such as Lost & Found Pets, Qatar; Lost & Found Pets, Doha, Cats Lost Found or Missing in Qatar, Dogs Lost Found or Missing in Qatar and Find Me a Forever Home

Safeguard Your Pet

To save yourself the stress and anxiety of losing your pet, do everything that you can not to let them go missing in the first place.  Here are some suggestions on how to prevent your pet from getting lost:

  1. Keep your dog on a lead
  2. Keep doors & windows shut
  3. Ensure your garden is secure
  4. Be extra-careful with new pets

Keep Your Cats Safe!

QAWS recommends keeping cats indoors; if your cat goes outdoors, it can be more difficult to keep them safe as cats can roam over some distance.

Finding a way to get your cat to come indoors is useful, such as mealtimes.

Always keep your cat in overnight and if you live near a busy road for their own safety.

Microchip & Register Your Pets!

Please ensure you microchip and register your pet on PetSafe Qatar.

If your pet goes missing and is found and taken to vet clinic or rescue group they will scan the animal and if they are chipped and registered they can get in touch to reunite you.

It’s FREE, it’s EASY, so DO IT!