…I find a stray animal, can I call QAWS?

Yes, you can call QAWS. When you call, please try and have as much information as you can to hand so we can get an idea of the location the animal is in, the size, coat colour, is it friendly/approachable? How long has it been in the area? Any information you can provide is very helpful.

...I find a sick or injured animal, can I call QAWS?

QAWS does not have a vet on sit e or is equipped for medical emergencies. If you find an animal that is hurt or sick, the best thing you can do is to take it to a vet for immediate medical attention. You can contact the Qatar Veterinary Centre on 4421 6405, Doha Veterinary Surgery on 4 4367187. You can also take the animal to the Animal Resources department (a.k.a. the government vet) for free medical treatment which is located just past Doha airport , please click here for a location map. Please note that the Animal Resources Department is open fro m 7.30 am- 12.30pm Sunday-Thursday,

…I see a litter of kittens/puppies with no mother cat/dog around?

Please do not touch the kittens/puppies, it may be that the mother cat/dog is nearby. If the mother cat/dog does not return within 6 hours, call QAWS and be ready to transport the kittens to the ne arest vet.

...I am feeding street cats?

Only feed once a day or every other day. Street cats must not forget how to scavenge for food at the bins. Do not leave food lying around, this might upset your neighbours and just attracts more cats. Be responsible and get them sterilised through the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programme that the Animal Resources department offers. Visit them at their premises to speak with them about trapping in your area (please click here for a location map) . You can also send an email to petanimalunit@moe.gov.qa or fa x a re quest to 4465 3086 giving your specific location and contact details for the TNR to come and trap cats in a specific location.

...I am leaving the country and have been feeding street cats?

Reduce the number of feeds over a period of time so that the cat/s will start to scavenge for food again and not just depend on you for food.

…I need to re-home an animal?

QAWS strongly advocates for pet owners to do t heir utmost to keep their pets with them no matter where they move or relocate to. As members of your family, your pet is a lifetime commitment and therefore adopting a pet should be considered very carefully before the decision is made. If you do need t o re-home an animal, please contact QAWS as soon as possible with the animal ' s details (name, age, health record, breed etc) so we can put the animal on the waitlist to come in to QAWS. Please be aware that QAWS always has a waitlist of animals waiting to come in so it may take some time to find a place at QAWS for your animal. Do not wait until the last minute to contact QAWS as there may not be a place for him/her otherwise. If you need any information on taking your pet with you when you leave Qatar, please contact Qatar Pet Relocators on 5528 6335 or contact@qatarpetrelocators.com for more information.

…I ' m going on holiday, can I leave my pet with QAWS temporarily?

No, QAWS does not offer boarding facilities for animals. Please visit the Useful Links page of the QAWS website for information on boarding facilities in Qatar ( http://www.qaws.org/contact/links.php ).

Please remember that QAWS is run by a team of volunteers with limited availability, resources and money to work with. Please be patient while QAWS helps you with your query or concern. If your query is not urgent, please email QAWS on contact@qaws.org