"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

In May 2003 it became apparent that there was a desperate need for an animal rescue shelter in Doha, Qatar. Until this time there were only a small number of animal loving people trying to cope and help wherever and however they could.

A local boarding kennels had opened for business and the first weekend they opened their doors they saw the beginning of the animal rescue society. At that stage they were taking in a few dogs and cats whenever space permitted and managing to provide them with care, food and shelter. In those early stages it was clear that there were people willing to take in and adopt the animals in their care.

From this moment on we saw the formation of Q.A.W.S, Qatar Animal Welfare Society.

By May 2004 it was clear that the need was greater than we ever imagined and it became apparent that a purpose built facility would be needed to cope with the demand for space. An appeal went out to local companies, entirely through a few willing volunteers who for one reason or another had become involved in the rescue work.

This genuine appeal received a great response and the materials started to appear to build the shelter. With lots of hard work and a strong desire to succeed we set about the building.

In June 2003 the first animals were moved into their new accommodation to settle in while awaiting new homes. It was a success and totally due to the dedication of a handful of volunteers – A huge Thank You.

It is our strongest desire to become recognized and approved by the authorities here in Qatar and through dedicated people that just might happen... Talks, links and planning continues on a daily basis… Watch this space!

We welcome people's comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions, please take the time to contact us if you would like to.